The world's first BioDME plant was inaugurated in Piteå Sept 9, 2010.

The BioDME project



April 2, 2008
The Swedish Energy Agency granted Chemrec SEK 100 million support to build and operate a DME synthesis development plant at its black liquor gasification development plant in Piteå, Sweden. > Read press release
Sept 9, 2008
Kick-off for the European €28 million project BioDME. > Read press release
Sept 18, 2009
His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden broke ground for the BioDME plant in Piteå, Sweden. > Read more
May 30, 2010
The BioDME steel construction towers were successfully mounted.  > Read more
Sept 7, 2010
The first Preem BioDME filling station was inaugurated in Skärholmen, Stockholm and Volvos test fleet of trucks were demonstrated. > Read more
Sept 9, 2010
The BioDME plant was inaugurated to the sound of trumpets in front of visitors from all over the world.  > Read more
Nov, 2011
The full system of trucks, filling stations and the BioDME plant is operational and the test fleet has accumulated considerable driving distance.  > Read more 
The European BioDME-project is running from 2008 - 2012. The overall objective to demonstrate an environmentally optimised bio‐fuel for road transport covering the full chain from production of fuel from biomass to the utilisation in vehicles.

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