Press releases 2009 and earlier


Sept 28, 2009
The Swedish Energy R&D Board today decided to provide an investment grant for demonstration in industrial scale of the Chemrec technology for production of the renewable motor fuels BioDME and Biomethanol. The plant will be built at the Domsjö Fabriker biorefinery in Örnsköldsvik, north Sweden.

Sept 18, 2009
His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden broke ground for the world’s first plant for the production of a renewable automotive fuel called BioDME. The plant will be built by Chemrec, a Sweden-based development company, within the company’s development unit located at the Smurfit Kappa paper mill in Piteå, Sweden.

Chemrec was named a GoingGreen Top 100 winner by AlwaysOn and a Global CleanTech 100 company by The Guardian, a London-based media group. “We are pleased to be recognized by these fine cleantech organizations”, said Chemrec CEO Richard J. LeBlanc .

June 25 , 2009    
The Energy R&D Board of the Swedish Energy Agency has selected an investment grant application from Chemrec for further consideration. Planned location for the plant is the Domsjö biorefinery complex in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.
Chemrec was named among Europe's most innovative and promising technology companies at this week's European Tech Tour Cleantech Summit in Geneva, Switzerland.

June 12 , 2009                 
The Chemrec development plant in Piteå, Sweden has now reached 10 000 accumulated operating hours. Chemrec’s plant is the only gasification plant world-wide producing high-quality synthesis gas based on 100 % renewable feedstock.

March 31 , 2009            

Chemrec was invited by the Swedish Energy Agency to compete for a grant allocated for the demonstration of new energy technology. Six out of 39 companies were invited to submit a full application. The project proposal includes the production of renewable motor fuels from biomass over the black liquor gasification route at Chemrec's biofuels plant at the Smurfit Kappa mill in Piteå.

Feb 24, 2009        

Confirming its intentions to develop its business in the Americas, Chemrec announced that its US subsidiary (Chemrec USA Inc) will be located in Deerfield, Illinois, a north suburb of Chicago. This location will have offices for sales, administration and project management personnel. “This is a great location for Chemrec in the USA”, explained Rick LeBlanc, CEO of Chemrec. “From here we have quick and direct access to any customer in USA and Canada”. 

Feb 10, 2009     

Chemrec has formed a US subsidiary, Chemrec USA Inc. a Delaware corporation. This wholly-owned subsidiary will enable Chemrec to do business in those states where biorefinery and booster projects are being developed. “Establishing a US company is an important step forward to building our business in the USA”, commented Rick LeBlanc, newly appointed CEO of Chemrec. “We are actively working to expand our business in the Americas”. Chemrec’s corporate offices, development efforts and engineering will remain in Sweden.

Richard J LeBlanc, previously senior executive with Siemens, USA, has been appointed as CEO of Chemrec. He will divide his time between the Chemrec Stockholm office and Chicago, concentrating on developing the American and Asia-Pacific markets.

Dec 3, 2008 
Chemrec and ETC, Energy Technology Centre, today received the Environmental Price 2008 from Vägverket, the National Road Administration. “A promising process that makes it possible to extract fossil free fuels from black liquor in the pulp industry,” says director general Ingemar Skogö, who delivered the price.

Dec 2, 2008
Chemrec has completed a $20 million funding round. Environmental Technologies Fund (ETF), with support from existing investors. Swedish company Nykomb AB, which helped develop the Chemrec technology, remains an investor in the Company. The investment is to be used to support Chemrec in commercialising its ground-breaking technology.  
Sept 9, 2008
Kick-off: Chemrec to build world's first BioDME advanced biofuels plant. The European €28 millionproject BioDME will demonstrate the entire chain from biomass to trucks running on DME. Chemrec will build and operate the plant and within 18 months deliver 4-5 tons of DME daily.  

July 14, 2008
RENEW releases final report – Chemrec at top in all: highest conversion efficiency, 69 %, lowest product cost, €0.5/litre diesel equivalent, and a greenhouse gas emission reduction of 95 %. This European 4-year €20 million study recommends Chemrec process for demonstration in industrial scale.

April 2, 2008
The Swedish Energy Agency has granted Chemrec SEK 100 million support to build and operate a DME synthesis development plant at its black liquor gasification development plant in Piteå, Sweden.

Jan 14, 2008
Chemrec and SmurfitKappa, an international packaging products company, agrees to carry out a feasibility study for a BLGMF demonstration plant during the spring 2008 for the kraftliner mill at Pitea, Sweden.
The Chemrec high-temperature gasification plant (DP-1) in Pitea, Sweden, has recorded an accumulated operating time of 3,695 hours
Chemrec and New Page, a US-based paper company, agrees to carry out a feasibility study for a BLGMF demonstration plant for the pulp and paper mill at Escanaba, Michigan
Volvo Technology Transfer and VantagePoint Venture Partners invest in Swedish black liquor gasification technology.