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Chemrec company presentation 2010
BioDME Folder from Volvo 2009
Chemrec Folder 2009 (only Swedish)
Chemrec Booster, 2005
DP-1 Plant, 2005


BioDME Video 2009                                         View video
Chemrec Plant video 2008                               View video

Technical and scientific publications

RENEW - Renewable fuels for advanced powertrains -
Executive Summary of research project             Link to Download site

European Biofuels Technology Platform
Strategic Research Agenda & Strategy Deployment Document,  January 2008
                                                                     Link to Download site

Well-to-Wheels analysis of future automotive fuels and powertrains in the European context
EUCAR / Concawe /JRC Well-to-Wheels Report Version 2c, March 2007

                                                                     Link to Download site


A Cost-Benefit Assessment of Gasification-Based Biorefining in the Kraft Pulp and Paper Industry.

Larson, Consonni, Katofsky, Iisa, and Frederick

Final Report (4 volumes), December 2006. Volume 1, Main report
                                                                     Link to Download site

Black Liquor Gasification with Motor Fuels Production - BLGMF II - A Techno-economic feasibility study on catalytic Fischer-Tropsch synthesis for synthetic diesel production in comparison with methanol and DME as transport fuels.
Ekbom, T., Berglin, N. and Lögdberg, S., 2005


Technical and Commercial Feasibility Study of Black Liquor Gasification with Methanol/DME Production as Motor Fuels for Automotive Uses – BLGMF
Altener Contract No 4.1030/Z/01-087/2001.
Ekbom, T., Lindblom, M., Berglin, N. and  Ahlvik, P., 2003


A cost-benefit assessment of biomass gasification power generation in the pulp and paper industry, Final Report.
Larson, E., Consonni, S., Katofsky, R., Princeton University, 2003
CHEMREC’S Atmospheric & Pressurized BLG (Black Liquor Gasification) Technology – Status and Future Plans
Mats Lindblom and Ingvar Landälv, 2007


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