At CHEMREC, we help pulp and paper mills dramatically increase their cash flow and profitability by enabling them to become Biorefineries. Application of our unique, proprietary black liquor gasification technology opens up new markets for mills, producing sustainable, low-carbon chemicals and fuels.
Our headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden.  Our development plant is located in Pitea, Sweden. We have some 20 years of experience in the field of black liquor gasification technology. During these years, we have developed iterations of the technology in demonstration plants. The technology has now matured into a proven concept which we offer on commercial terms to mills looking to expand their operations and enter the new pulp mill paradigm – the Biorefinery.  


Chemrec milestones: 

Booster pilot plant built in Hofors, Sweden
Booster development plant built in Frövi, Sweden
Pressurised pilot plant built in Skoghall, Sweden
Commercial booster built in New Bern, USA
Rebuild of New Bern plant with 2nd generation of ceramic lining
The Swedish BLG R&D program was initiated
Pressurised development plant built in Piteå, Sweden
BioDME pilot plant started up in Piteå, Sweden
BioDME project successfully concluded with hundreds of tons of advanced biofuel having been produced and the test fleet having accumulated more than 1 million km in commericial operation.