Articles from ChemrecNews May 2012

Chemrec signs gasification plants agreement with Chinese TCC
Chemrec has signed a cooperation agreement with China Tianchen Engineering Corporation, TCC to co-market the Chemrec black liquor gasification technology globally. 
BioDME flowing - report from the BioDME plant in Piteå
Ten Volvo BioDME trucks are now running on the BioDME produced at Chemrec’s pilot plant in the north of Sweden. Production is stable and the fuel is of top quality.

Industry analysis: Pulp and paper market stabilized, but not without challenges 
The communications paper sector in Europe and North America is still under pressure Softwood market pulp producers are now among the most profitable globally. New large pulp mills of the next generation are coming on stream. Many pulp mills convert to dissolving cellulose.   

Essentials in gasification production

For the outsider it can be difficult to distinguish between different types of gasification. Take part of a guide to gasification with focus on gas quality, energy efficiency and integration benefits.

11 million tons of methanol is used as fuel component yearly but its most important use is as a feedstock for a wide array of plastics and chemicals.