Chemrec plants

Innovation when needed, use of proven technology when possible and verification in industrial scale have been cornerstones in the development of our gasification systems. Our development and industrial plants have been crucial in the verification and optimization of materials of construction and designs able to withstand the very demanding conditions under which black liquor gasification is carried out.


Weyerhaeuser New Bern in North Carolina, USA

This first commercial Chemrec Booster gasifier was started up in December 1996 and was provided with a reactor vessel of new design in 2003. It had October 2008 clocked 47 000 operating hours. The extended operation under industrial conditions has yielded experience resulting in a number of improvements to the gasifier plant design.

Nom. capacity:      330 t BLS /day

Thermal rating:       50 MW

Oxidant:                 Air

Pressure:               Atmospheric


Provided ~15% of the mill’s black liquor recovery capacity

Chemrec DP-1 development plant in Pitea, Sweden

Our current development plant for oxygen-blown, pressurized gasification is located next to the Smurfit Kappa Kraftliner mill and the research institute ETC. The gasifier is operated to provide data for design and operation of commercial scale gasifiers intended for synthesis gas production. The facility is built to high industrial standards and equipped with excellent facilities for process control and data acquisition. We have a full crew of experienced operators allowing us to operate the plant on a fully continuous basis when needed. The plant operation and development activities are part of the extensive multi-party BLG II research programme. In December 2009 t the plant had been operated for about 11 500 hours. The plant will be extended with a DME production plant which will be operational by July 2010.
Nom. capacity;          20 t BLS/d
Thermal rating:           3 MW
Oxidant:                    Pure oxygen
Operating pressure:   30 bar(g)

The Chemrec black liquor gasification plant at Weyerhaeuser, New Bern, NC, USA



The Chemrec development plant in Pitea, Sweden


Interior from the Chemrec development plant in Pitea, Sweden